Henning Daverne

Expert in Meditation and Mindfulness Watch Henning Daverne program

Henning has a background within martial arts, fitness, traditional Chinese medicine and self-development. Henning is regarded as one of the leading figures within work meditation in Denmark. He was personally educated by his mentor; the meditation guru Maharajji.

In the Energy program Henning looks into meditation and spirituality and presents some tools on how you can apply positive energy into your life; how to build and preserve it.

For daily, he helps executives and employees in Danish companies find the spark that can really ignite their job satisfaction and make sure they increase their mental capacity and reduce their stress levels. He educates meditation and mindfulness counselors and is the author of 4 bestsellers books on personal development meditation and mindfulness.

In his quest for the roots of martial arts, Henning traveled on many trips to the East, where for a period of 12 consecutive years he went through intensive training in traditional meditation on retreat.

Henning Daverne has been personally trained by his mentor, meditation guru Maharajji.

As a teacher of meditation and mindfulness, Henning brings the best of two worlds; Munken’s faith in calm and immersion, combined with the scientist’s focus on research and documentation.

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