“We help people create
brighter, happier lives.”

Our guiding principal is to create the very best courses to help you grow
and light-up your life at prices everyone can afford.


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Premium programs

Wealth Creation

  • Entrepreneurship skills
  • 4+ hours of video
  • Start your journey today
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Creation With Marcus de Maria

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Strategic Networking

  • Connect & influence
  • Generate interest
  • Create engagement
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Networking With Christopher Barrat

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Mindfulness & Meditation

  • Find clarity & focus
  • Balance stress
  • Access greater happiness
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Mindfulness & Meditation With Henning Daverne

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Mini courses

Body language & Influence

  • Use good energy
  • Gain usefull network
  • Learn to read body language
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Body language
& Influence With Jesper Bergstrøm

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Embrace your talent

  • Find your talents
  • Use your talents
  • Be the best you can be
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Embrace your talent With Iris Engelund

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Our Experts

  • Marcus de Maria

  • Iris Engelund

  • Christopher Barrat

  • Henning Daverne

  • Jesper Bergstrøm

Our Mission

Life’s too short to be sad, and too long to be bored, but too many people spend their lives limited by fear and low self-esteem. From the moment we’re old enough to listen, the message we get over and over is that we’re not good enough – but we can put that behind us. If we want to make life brighter – through connecting with people, crushing it at work or finding a mindset that lifts us up – it all comes down to learning how.

We should be learning these essential life skills in school, but the system just isn’t designed for everyone. We aim to fix that. Our programs give you concrete tools you can put into action in your life right now. They’re designed by thought leaders in psychology, health, business and communication to help you optimize the results you get from the energy you put in, and start moving forward today.

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